Tokenomics (Cronos)
To check for the current emission, you can do so on our Croissant Game homepage.
Token Name
Contract Address
Cronos Chain
Maximum Supply
Emission Rate
Reduces by 2% a day
Initial Emission Rate
Final Emission Rate

CROISSANT has a maximum supply of 200,000,000. The maximum supply cap is coded in the Cronos contract and cannot be changed.

The initial emission rate is 100 CROISSANT per block. Half (50 CROISSANT) will be assigned for our farm/pool and the other half will be for game mining.
The emission rate is reduced by 2% every 14900 blocks (~24 hours) automatically until a final emission rate of 10 CROISSANT per block is reached and will eventually end when maximum supply is reached.
Unlike other yield farms where developers manually update emission rates, our emission rate reduction logic is coded in the contract and cannot be changed.
This mechanism is designed to reward early believers and slow down the inflation of token supply.
9.09% of emissions will be allocated to project funds to fund product development and growth of the project.

  • Buying from launchpad or post launchpad — secondary market
  • Liquidity mining — Stake CROISSANT-CRO tokens to earn CROISSANT tokens or stake CROISSANT tokens to earn more CROISSANT tokens.
  • Game mining — For every bet you make and that you lose, you will gain CROISSANT tokens

In Croissant Games, players can play games to earn CROISSANT tokens (also known as transaction mining).
Play-To-Earn rewards is awarded to players for every $CROISSANT wagered losing bet and is computed by the following formula: 0.5% x Waged Amount (Loss) Eg, if user bet 2,000 CROISSANT and loses the bet, he/she will receive 0.5% x 2,000 CROISSANT = 10 CROISSANT By having a fixed transaction mining value at 0.5%, we will be able to prevent exploit because our house edge is at least 1% for all games.
This ensures the Expected Value (EV) of gambling always remain negative, thus preventing any exploits targeting casino reserves or CROISSANT token price.
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