Croissant Games
Our yield farm source code has been audited rigorously (Meerkat Fork) with minimal customizations. We do not commit code unless we know it is safe.
🚚 Removal of Migrator
  • We have removed the commonly abused Migrator code.
  • The Migrator is often used by malicious developers/hackers to steal users' funds.
β€‹πŸŽ² Token Contract Ownership
  • Ownership of CROISSANT CRC20 token contract has been transfered to Masterchef contract.
  • Only Masterchef contract is able to mint tokens.

Not to worry! How Croissant Games is doing it is via a random number is generated in the smart contract, and uses the blockhash from previously mined blocks. This way, we can have provably fair pseudo random numbers generated through the use of the Cronos chain
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