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Liquidity Farming and Product Launch

  • Site launch
  • Exchange listing on MMFinance
  • Gambling games
  • Apply for listing on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, and other analytics sites
  • Marketing contests
  • Croissant token games
  • Improve user interface design and user experience
  • Audits
  • Deployment of Croissant games denominated in other CRC20 token (including MMF)
  • 50% of profits used to buyback and burn $CROISSANT to keep them out of circulating supply, making each $CROISSANT more valuable
  • Games Integration with other projects (MMF, MMO, CRONA..)
  • Exchange listing on other dexes (CronaSwap)
  • Play-To-Earn - Trade Mining
  • UI Display of game data (total games, total volume, emission rate)
  • More Games (our goal is 10 games)
  • More integration (with at least 10 different native tokens)
  • Cross Chain Games (EVM compatible)