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Croissant Token Launchpad

Sale Details

$CROISSANT sale will take place on MM Finance and will last for 4 hours, and you will need $MMF to participate.
  • Start: 13 Jan, 9:00am UTC
  • End: 13 Jan, 1:00pm UTC
  • Token Price: $0.02 per $CROISSANT (paid in $MMF)
  • For Sale: 50,000,000 $CROISSANT
  • Funds Allocation
    • 40% MMF token burnt
    • 30% used to form initial $CROISSANT-MMF liquidity (Tokens locked)
    • 12% locked and released only when milestones are hit (Tokens locked)
    • 6% to be locked in their games treasury for games (Tokens locked)
    • 6% kept for development and marketing (Tokens kept)
    • 6% MMF sold to CRO so that the team has funds (Tokens sold)
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Method : Overflow
In the “Overflow” method, users can subscribe as much or as little as they want to the launchpad, and their final allocation will be based on the amount of funds they put in as a percentage of all funds put in by other users at the time the sale ends.
The excess funds committed will be refunded back to the users after the sale. They will be able to claim both their new tokens and unused tokens after the sale has ended.