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Responsible Gaming

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    Gambling can be addictive and we encourage you to play responsibly and only with the money you can afford to lose. To make sure you enjoy our games in a responsible and entertaining manner we implemented functionalities, including self-exclusion and time alert.
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    If you feel like you may have a gambling problem, need help overcoming your addiction, or want to know more about playing responsibly, please visit the Responsible Gaming section of our Website, as well as other dedicated websites linked in the Responsible Gaming section. You can also contact our support at any time to get more information and help.
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    In case You are diagnosed with a gambling addiction or try to stay away from gambling for a different reason, we want to assist you to stay away from anything that does nothing good for you. “Self-Exclusion” means that You exclude yourself, out of Your own choice, from all gambling services. This exclusion cannot be undone after your ask to exclude your account. If you wish to self-exclude yourself from gambling, contact our customer support team via email regarding your request. Our managers will explain to you all future steps and what is needed from you.