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Breadroll ($BDR) Token Utility

BDR token is our key ecosystem token that will be our main token on both our off-chain and on-chain casino. A major % of On-Chain Games Profits and Off-Chain Games Profits will be used to buyback/provide liquidity for BDR token, ensuring we have constant liquidity and steady price support. Different Roles in our Dapp As a Degen — Use BDR to redeem a lotto ticket for a chance to win the weekly profits of the casino
As a Holder — Hold BDR and stake to earn 10% APR. Hold as the degens bid up the price of BDR for a chance to win the lotto. The buybacks from Casino both On-Chain and Off-Chain will provide strong support for our token price.
As a Yield Farmer— Yield farm your BDR LPs for fees and emissions
As a Gamer — Continue playing our games to mine BDR tokens. You can choose to either redeem tickets for the weekly lotto, or sell the BDR tokens.
When users redeem tickets for Powerball through the use of BDR, our team will set aside 10% of the BDR tokens to be burnt. This means that the BDR token will become uniquely deflationary over time. With a fixed supply, the number of BDR tokens will decrease rapidly, providing higher value for holders of our BDR tokens.
Because users need to buy BDR tokens in order to attain a chance at winning the grand lotto prize, it naturally means that the price of BDR tokens will increase steadily over time. Through our calculations, we are certain that with our current gaming revenue, we are certain that BDR price and burns will ensure a super sustainable tokenomics model!