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Croissant Games (on-chain)

#1 Decentralized and Centralized Games powered by Cryptocurrency
Unlike traditional games that operate in black boxes, Croissant Games runs on smart contracts that are fair, transparent, non-custodian, and immutable. Furthermore, we have a proprietary gasless model utilising EIP-712, meaning that playing any of our games will not require any gas fees from the player's end! However, we also currently develop our own inhouse platform for users to place their bets

Why are we better?

  • Available everywhere — no government bans, no KYCs.
  • Open to anyone — no sign-up needed, you just need a crypto wallet.
  • Non-custodial — no deposits needed, only you have access to your funds at all times.
  • Instant payouts — after you bet, a random number is generated, the payout is automatically sent to your crypto wallet.
  • Open-source — our smart contracts can be verified on the explorer
  • Non-inflationary — our emissions reduce by 2% daily and we have a capped supply.
  • Profit Distribution — unlike other projects, we give value to our tokens through our dividends model where 50% of our house profits goes back to our users.
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